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Since we have a sandbox in Kerbal Space Program, without a need to count anything, why bother calculating delta-Vs and optimizing? ... Secondly, you won’t need to build huge rockets.


Owner’s Comment: you don’t need to build anywhere near this big to reach the various planets. The whole challenge I set myself was to build rockets that don’t use efficient staging.


Owner’s Comment: this is a ship for Jool mission.


Owner’s Comment: this is a small version for Duna missions. (DL: I think it can fly to Eloo easily.)

My point is that you can build smaller and simpler rockets. (Unless you need to ship a planet base of Hitchhiker cans or some other heavy structure.)

This is how big my rockets for Mün, Duna and Laythe missions are.


Complete Mün mission ship with lander for crew of 2 and 1 command module pilot. 99 tonnes.


Complete ship for Duna & Ike mission. 2 Kerbanauts of crew of 3 landed on both of those. 140 tonnes.


Laythe mission ship, Apollo style: crew of 2 land, 1 command modle pilot stays in orbit. All return home safely. 350 tonnes.

Lastly, you’ll know where you need to have safety margins. Did you need to send a rescue mission last time?


Specialist290 and Kerolyov for proofreading and corrections, and the tools contributors without whom this weren’t possible.

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