This chapter is really a chill-out for me, few text and lots of screenshots.

Chapter 7. Subassemblies and Saving Time on Boosters

KSP v0.22 introduced a subassembly feature. There was a plugin, but I personally couldn’t set it up.

Making a Set of Boosters

Now you can assemble anything in convenient manner and attach to anything: rovers, probes to deploy or entire ships. This comes very handy if you want to have efficient boosters but hate reassembling them every time.

  1. Open a ship.

  2. Detach the Kerbin ascent stages (those that give the first 4000-4600 m/s)

  3. See the mass of the rest of the ship. Note: make sure you display all stages in Flight Engineer window. It may show the second stage mass in some configurations.

  4. Move the ascent stages into subassembly and write somithing like “Booster, 25t LKO”.

Now you have a booster that gets 25 tonnes into low Kerbin orbit. If you save boosters from all the rockets this way, next time you’ll need to build only the payload, and most likely there will be a booster that fits your needs.


In several different missions I made boosters for very different payloads.


Actually there was another booster for 25 tonnes.


An asparagus configuration with 8 strap-on boosters weighs 142 tonnes in total.


A booster with less asparagus stages (less progressive) weighs 172 tonnes.

This saves you a lot of time and mistakes. I installed Soviet Pack and assembled a Mir station with Proton booster in a matter of 2 hours.

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